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Friday Notes for 9/29/17


PTSA Corner

9/29/17 Friday/Monday Notes



Classroom Membership Challenge

LAST DAY!!  Get your membership in TODAY!!

LEADERBOARD UPDATE: 5th grade remains in the lead, but 4th grade is closing the gap!  Kinders are next in line.  Don’t forget to become a member so your child’s classroom can win!!

Join the CCCK-8 PTSA and your child’s classroom could win an activity of their choice: Board (Games) at School, Escape Room Challenge or Video Game Competition!  The classroom with the highest percentage of memberships by Sept 29 will win!  Each child who has at least one member join on their behalf counts as one.  Teachers count as two for their homeroom classroom!  Members count for each of their students’ grades.  Your membership makes it possible for us to support classroom enrichment and fund the anti-bullying program we are hosting in September.  As a member, you also have a voice in how we prioritize what we are working on and how we spend our funds in a year.  For more information, contact Tami Lawson, tamikrislawson@hotmail.com  We appreciate your support!

Upcoming Events

October 4th – 6 pm
CCCK-8 Library
Join us to learn more about Eagle Eyes, an opportunity to get men involved in the school. The presence of men in the school has been shown to improve student performance and reduce bad behaviors.  Bring your kids and another guy to this kick-off meeting and enjoy pizza and a fun activity!

PTA Reflections is a program where students are encouraged to create their own original work inspired by a theme “Within Reach,” and then submit it for competition.  Categories of submission are: Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, or Visual Arts.  We are hosting after-school workshops to support our students’ participation.  Please join us!
Tuesday, September 26th – 3:40 – 4:45 pm – Art Support
Tuesday, October 2nd – 3:40 – 4:45 pm – Writing Workshop
Tuesday, October 10th – 3:40 – 4:45 pm – Art Support
Tuesday, October 17th – 3:40 – 4:45 pm – Art Support
Submissions are due October 23rd

Save the Date for these Upcoming PTSA Events:
Eagle Eyes Kick-Off – Wednesday, October 4th
Teacher Appreciation Dinner – Wednesday, October 11th
General Membership Meeting – Monday, October 16th
Trick or Treat Street – Friday, October 27th

Please help with a BIG Fundraising Goal

For the past year, we have been trying to fundraise for a supplemental reading program that is really important for the students who are struggling with reading early in their education.  We already have the “Leveled Literacy Intervention” program for K – 2 grades.  Now we are trying to purchase the next level so the students that are still struggling with reading after 2nd grade can continue to benefit from the program.  It is a BIG ask, but we think it is really important for the students that need it.  Ms. Little has started a Donors Choose campaign: https://www.donorschoose.org/project/eagles-soaring-in-reading/2726973/  Please go online and donate as much as you can.  Then forward to friends, family and businesses that you think would help support this important effort.



Fall Teacher Conference Dinner
Our teachers come in early and stay late to meet with us and our students. Let’s leave them some good ol’ home cooked meals in the lounge to get them through and to say Thank You! They sincerely appreciate it!  The dinner will be Wednesday, October 11th  Sign up to bring food today at: http://signup.com/go/NAoVjJt

Trick or Treat Street:
Trick or Treat Street is a BIG event for us.  We have a couple ways that you can help make this event a success for the school!
Donate Food, Volunteer Time:
You can help us with this very important fundraiser by donating food or volunteering at the event.  There are LOTS of ways you can help, so find the perfect spot(s) for you on our sign-up form: http://signup.com/go/vETpTOU  Sign up early to get the best spots!

Poster Maker: Bring out your creative side by making posters!!  We need help promoting several events within the school and would like someone to make posters we can hang at the school.  I would like to make them reusable as much as possible, so we can keep them simple and/or plan for being able to change dates on some of them. Great project for those who like to be creative or do other paper craft (like scrapbooking.)  If digital creation is your expertise (or a skill you want to develop), then it could be done on the computer.  We just need to be able to print them.  This project can be done entirely at home!  We would make a list of posters we’d like made, and then you can do them as time permits.  If interested in this opportunity, please let Jody Dickson know.  Jody@Dickson.org or x3568

Business Sponsors:  Do you own or work at a business that would like to advertise to our school community?  If so, consider becoming a CCCK-8 Business Sponsor.  By supporting our school, you are supporting the community that supports your business.  We have some significant fundraising goals for this year, but we have different levels of sponsorship and one of them will fit your business’ needs.  For more for information, please visit our website: http://ccck8ptsa.org/fundraising/business-sponsorship/

Classroom Parents:  We still need Classroom Parents for the following grades.  These people are responsible for organizing classroom parties and being the liason for the teacher to the PTSA and parent community.   If you are able to serve in this role, please contact Jody Dickson, jody@dickson.org.

  • 5th Grade
  • 6th Grade
  • 7th/8th Grade

Community Events
Free Yoga Classes
Every Wednesday between 9/13 and 10/4
6 pm
FREE to CCC residents! ALL Ability Gentle Yoga. Connect with yourself and nature while you release stress and anxiety from the day.

Save the Date for these Upcoming Community Events:
Coal Creek Canyon Community Expo – October 21st 3 – 6 pm


Stay tuned on our website http://www.ccck8ptsa.org or on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/CCCK8PTSA for more information on upcoming programs. If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, please feel free to contact me.
Jody Dickson, President          jody@dickson.org           303-642-3568


 Thank you to our Business Sponsor: