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About Us

Our Mission

National PTSA Mission

“To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children”


The CCCK-8 PTSA Mission
The purpose of the Coal Creek Canyon Parent Teacher Student Association is to:

  • Foster communication between the home and the school
  • Provide opportunities for parents to play a part in their child’s education
  • Enhance the educational atmosphere and experience at CCCK-8

The PTSA does this by partnering with the CCC K-8 staff to organize parent classroom volunteers, sponsor assemblies, underwrite field trips, develop after-school programs, coordinate teacher appreciation activities, lead community events, and raise funds to make our school the best it can be.

PTSA Officers, Chairpersons & Classroom Coordinators

2019-20 Officers

President:  Tami Lawson, tamikrislawson@hotmail.com, 303-359-5362
Vice President:  Lena Benisch
Treasurer:  Kendra Long
Secretary:  Heather McLaughlin

2019-20 Chairpersons (in alphabetical order):

After School Program Chair: Lena Benisch
Curriculum & Classroom Chair:
Eagle Eyes:
Fundraising: Tami Lawson
Health & Wellness: Christine Neff
Math Counts:
Special Events: Téa Wilkins
Teacher Appreciation: Krista Wilper
Volunteer Coordinator:
Webmaster: Joanna Waggoner

2019-20 Classroom Parents

Kindergarten: Ashlie Thomas & Emily Howe
1st grade: Jill Ellingson
2nd grade: Brooke Galaty
3rd grade: Brittany Zoccole
4th grade: Jacqueline
5th grade: Lena & Laura Olsen
6th grade: Michelle Powell & Jeanie Ney
7th/8th grades: Heather McLaughlin