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In School Enrichment

In cooperation with the K8 Staff, the PTSA sets up and provides funding for:

  • Guest speakers and author visits
  • In class outreach programs (Denver Zoo, The Science and Nature museum)
  • Field trip buses
  • All school assemblies

To do this the PTSA uses funds from grants, membership dues, various fundraisers and direct donations to grade specific Classroom Enrichment Funds. It is not always possible for us to provide the funding for all of the enrichment opportunities that your child’s teacher(s) would like to have. To help with this, the PTSA has set up an Enrichment Fund for each grade. We, as a PTSA, contribute about $300 to each Fund annually, and Parents, Caregivers, Family and Friends can make a tax-deductible donation to it as well.

Any money that we collect will be deposited in your child’s grade(s) fund and gives the teacher(s) of each grade a budget to schedule outside enrichment programs, guest speakers and field trips that he or she feels will best enhance what their students are learning in class. The cost of these programs ranges from $50 to $300 per program, so the more we collect for each grade the more enrichment programs that can be set up for your child. Any money that the teachers do not spend goes back into the PTSA enrichment fund for future years.

Please make a voluntary tax-deductible donation of $10.00 or more using the form below or the form provided in your child’s Friday Folder. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

To make your payment for the Classroom Enrichment Fund, please make your donation here:

Specific Grade
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