Classroom Volunteer Coordinator Handbook


Thank you so much for volunteering to be a Classroom Volunteer Coordinator. As Volunteer Coordinator you will be working closely with the Teachers and the PTSA to recruit and schedule volunteers in the classroom and for PTSA events. Almost of all your job will be done at home online using Volunteer Spot an online scheduling website. While there is some set up time at the beginning of the year but Volunteer Spot makes it very easy to manage your classroom volunteers. Basically it does most of the work for you. The PTSA has set up this handbook to help Guide you through the process. Please feel free to email or call the PTSA Volunteer Coordinator with any questions or support.

Basic Calendar

August to mid-September:
Email the teachers to introduce yourself and send them your contact information.
View the online tutorials for using Volunteer Spot on line sign up at www.
Meet with the PTSA Volunteer Coordinator to get Parent/ Community Volunteers email list and to set up the Volunteer Spot calendar for the school year. This can be done via email or you can arrange a time to meet in the evening. If this is your first time as Classroom Volunteer Coordinator it may be better to meet in person.
September to May:
Classroom Volunteers
Send an introduction email to all the parents and community volunteers to let them know who you are and your contact information.( see sample introduction email).
Send monthly reminders to you email list advising them of opportunities available for classroom volunteers

Please fill out the record keeping section of this manual and make arrangements to return it to the PTSA Volunteer Coordinator.

PTSA Volunteers

The PTSA Volunteer Coordinator may ask that you help recruit grade level volunteers for school wide events. Again this will be done online and at home.

Classroom Volunteers

Classroom volunteers consist of Parents and Community Members that come in to the classroom to assist the teachers with a variety of duties from clerical to one on one help with the students. Each of the teachers may have different needs. Every effort will be made to have the volunteer needs of the teachers prior to you starting your position. There are volunteers that will come into the classroom consistently every week on the same day for the whole year, some twice a month and some twice a year.
To manage your volunteers we request that you use the on line sign-up service called Volunteer Spot. This will make your job extremely easy and allow the PTSA to keep a record of the number of volunteers in each classroom. It will also allow the PTSA Community Volunteer Coordinator to easily place Community Members that sign up during the school year.
Volunteer Spot set up
You will need to register with Volunteer Spot and set up a password.

  1. Go to
  2. Look on the right hand side of the blue toolbar and click on register.
  3. Under “I would like to” click “register an organizer account”
  4. Finish filling out the requested info.
  5. Once you have completed registering, email the PTSA Volunteer Coordinator that you have an account and they will set you up as the Class Coordinator. This can be done in person or via email.

We highly recommend that you view the online tutorials available at Volunteer Spot (www. After you have viewed the tutorials you can start setting up your online sign up. If you have any questions or just would like support setting up the school year please feel free to call the PTSA Volunteer Coordinator to set up a time that you can get together at night after work.
Once you have set up the online sign up with Volunteer Spot your job is easy. You simply need to send out a monthly email message on the 20th of every month to advise the Parents and Community members what spots are available. We recommend that you set up a reminder on your computer, cell phone, IPod/Pad or tablet for this. Volunteer Spot will then send out reminders to the volunteers and a status report to the teachers for the following week.

PTSA Volunteers

The PTSA Volunteer Coordinator may ask that you send out an online sign up through Volunteers Spot for school wide events. We would like to have a few volunteers from each of the grade levels for Fall Festival, Holiday Concerts and the Variety Show. When this happens you will be emailed instructions on what to do.

Record Keeping

Please add the Volunteer needs work sheet to the record keeping section of this handbook. This will help the next
Classroom Volunteer Coordinator.