November PTSA Meeting Agenda, Proposed Goals and Proposed Minutes from October

Our PTSA General Meeting is Monday, November 3rd at 6:30 pm.  C3AC goes first this month.  The shared time will start at 6:30 pm and will feature Melissa Yearsley discussing the first round of instructional rounds that happened in October and thinking maps.


Click here for the November PTSA Meeting Agenda.  Of note, we like to commit our meeting time to discussions and decision making.  Consequently, committee reports will be presented with the notes from the meeting.  If you have anything you’d like to discuss, please contact Jody Dickson,, to get on the agenda.

We will begin planning for the next upcoming events and finalizing our goals and budget for the year.  Please review the proposed goals below.  I will post the budget as soon as it is available.


Click here for the Proposed Minutes from October’s meeting.  We would like to approve these and September’s Meeting Minutes during the meeting, so please review before the meeting.  If you have any changes or edits, please contact Joanna Waggoner,

We look forward to seeing you Monday night!

Potential Goals:

The following are some potential goals to review before the discussion about them during the meeting:

–          Increase male participation in our school’s annual volunteer opportunities to 40 volunteers, a 30% increase from last year’s male volunteers. When fathers are involved in school, children learn more, perform better in school, exhibit healthier behavior, have fewer discipline problems, are more likely to participate in extracurricular activities and enjoy school more.

–          Offer enriched learning opportunities that complement the classroom curriculum. We commit to offering at least one enhancement opportunity to every grade and in a variety of formats including field trips, assemblies, guest speakers and hands-on experiences. We also commit that at least three of these enrichment opportunities will be field trips. These opportunities offer our children different ways to learn what is being taught in the classroom and will help bring some new and diverse topics and experiences to our children.

–          Offer at least four family feedback opportunities during the school year in a variety of formats, including but surveys, website forms, and public forums. If the school offers a parent feedback opportunity, we will promote it to the PTSA community. In order for us to meet the needs of our school community, we need to know what they are. Parents have direct insight into how the school impacts their students and our community.  Parent feedback reveals opportunities for us to improve as an organization and as a school. We want parents to intrinsically know that they have a voice in our school. As part of this goal, we will seek opportunities to measure the amount of feedback we receive so we can increase it in future years.

–            Develop at least one parent and guardian group to support families in their effort to support their student’s education and experience at our school.  It could be around homework help, development of individualized educational enrichment opportunities or advocating for student needs.  We would prioritize the topic based on demand from the family community.  By providing the forum for parents to get together to support each other, share ideas and learn how to help their students, we will develop stronger community and improve the learning experience of our kids at our school.