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Dear Parents & Community Members,

The PTSA and CCC K8 writing teacher Tricia Logan have been working to bring an exciting writing program to CCCK8 called Writers in the Schools. Writers in the Schools (WITS) will bring a professional, trained writer into CCC K8 1st thru 8th grade classrooms to conduct a 10 week series of writing workshops that have proven to raise standardized CSAP/TCAP writing test scores.

Writers meet with each teacher in advance of their residency to plan together how they will meet the teacher’s curricular goals as they inspire student writing, help with revision of student work, and collaborate to produce an anthology(book) and final reading to peers and public. Each student will receive a copy of the anthology that contains one piece of writing by every student involved in the program.

Our goal for the program is to prepare students for future educational and creative endeavors. As we give students a sense of excitement and authority over their own written language, their ability to perform well on standardized tests increases.

Thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, Colorado Humanities can match the cost of the program, but CCC K8 needs help from the community to cover the remaining costs. Deadline Dec 25th.The cost for this 10 week program is just $30 dollars per student. Please help by becoming a Community Sponsor for one or more students for this exciting writing workshop!

For more information go to: http://www.coloradohumanities.org/content/writers-schools or email Maria McVey at mcveycjam@gmail.com

Donate online with Paypal below, or send in a donation form: writers in the schools donation form


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