Screen Free Week: Lego Creation Contest

lego2015 CCC K8

Screen Free Week

Lego Creation Contest

Rules & FAQs

Who may participate?

Open to all CCC K8 students by age brackets: Grades K-2nd, 3-5th and 6-8th

How do I register my child for the contest?

To register your student click this link to the May Events Week Volunteer Spot sign up;

What is the time line for the contest?

Sat. May 2nd Registration closes
Mon. May 11th Entry due date and Judging

Contest day Schedule

8am to 9am drop off creations in gym.
11am to 1pm student and public showing
1pm to 2pm Judging

3;30 students take home creations and Winners announced by Miss Brown

What kind of creation should I make?  Is there a theme?

Make whatever you want, as long as it is no larger than 15 inches in length, width, or height and is your own creation, NOT a kit, a set, or a design someone else made. There is no theme for the contest.

Keys to success:

– Be creative and original!
– Do your own work!
– Stay within the size limits!
– Have fun!

What materials may I use?

Your creation must be made of your own LEGO, Duplo, Mega Blocks, or other LEGO type blocks. Specialized pieces from themed sets (LEGO® City, Star Wars, Creator, etc.) are allowed, but we also appreciate “basic” bricks used creatively!

You may use a LEGO®-brand base plate, a piece of cardboard, or something similar, as long as it is no larger than 15” in any direction.

Remember that you cannot simply build a design that came with a set—you must use the bricks in a new way in your own design.  We can’t stress this enough!

May parents, siblings or friends help me make my creation?

No, you must do the designing and building yourself. (But those helpful folks can help you bring your finished creation to the contest area.)

May I build my creation at the contest?

No, your creation must be completely assembled when you arrive at the contest, or be in just a few large pieces that you can quickly put together.

Who are the judges?

The judging panel will consist of members of the CCC K8 family.

What are the prizes?

Target gift cards will be awarded to 1 winner from each age bracket.